Mitmweb: How to implement domain name translation?

I really like mitmweb for my purposes but it has one obvious flaw. It doesn’t show domain names, only ip addresses. Can someone give me a couple sentences on how and where I can implement ip-to-domain translation?

Is mitmweb only for Windows?

Hi @BSalita,

This is specific to the proxy mode, not to mitmproxy/mitmweb. Just passing --host should do it (could be that this is not active for mitmweb at the moment - haven’t checked).

mitmweb is cross-platform :smiley:

I should have included the link to the issue. Yes, I do pass --host.

mitmweb command line options being ignored.

Is this just an issue with mitmweb not processing --host correctly?

Yes, exactly. This is one of the reasons why mitmweb is not “official yet”, it’s on the roadmap. :wink: