Mitmproxy not working on Windows 10 - Android

Hey Everyone! I’m trying to inspect traffic on my Android Phone (v 6.0.1) using my laptop which is running on Windows 10.
Please bare with me I’ll try to explain step by step what I did.

  • I installed it successfully using the installer (latest version).
  • I opened the mitmdump, it automatically opened the mitm web ui and from the address bar, I realized that 8081 is the port number.
  • My phone and my laptop are on the same WiFi network. I setup the proxy on my phone, added the local address of my laptop as the host address and 8081 as the port number and restarted the WiFi on the phone. (After that, it said ‘Connected, no internet access’)
  • Then I tried to open using the chrome browser on the phone - 'If you can see this, traffic is not passing through mitmproxy.'
    I’m just stuck here now. Can’t see any traffic on the web ui. No entries at all.

^Sorry if I sound like a noob. But I did read the documentation and I’m here.

If the web interface opens itself automatically, you ran mitmweb, not mitmdump. The web interface listens on port 8081, but the proxy is still on port 8080 (as indicated in the console). Change your port to 8080 and it should work.

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Thank you @mhils it’s working now.