How to change the "" domain?

hello, how do i change the domain for “”. I would like to change it to something else, for example " or . is this possible?


I’m curious: What’s your use case?

You can accomplish that as follows:

Onboarding App:
  --noapp               Disable the mitmproxy onboarding app.
  --app-host host       Domain to serve the onboarding app from. For
                        transparent mode, use an IP when a DNS entry for the
                        app domain is not present. Default:
  --app-port 80         Port to serve the onboarding app from.

Hi yes found the solution using - - app-host.


hi, is it possible to use mitmproxy with other tools like a fake portal
which is running on apache.

example: on fake portal that i’m running i want to add a link “” and
at the same time i run mitmproxy. So when user clicks on the link
on the fake portal it opens up the certificate site.

Not sure if you understand what i’m trying to do, it’s just that im using
few different tools to achieve something.