Mitmproxy for windows does not work


i heard about mitmproxy this morning and was very happy about the new v1.0 with Windows-support :-).
I used the installer and everything worked fine. So I started the mitmproxy ui and it said “Proxy server listening at” and “Web server listening at”. The the webinterface at my browser opened but it does not show any traffic :confused: (thats my main problem). I opened and it says: “If you can see this, traffic is not passing through mitmproxy.”. Any ideas why this does happen? Did I miss something during the installation? Do I have to mind something?

mitmproxy 1.0.0 (windows installer)
Windows 10.1.14393
Python 3.6
Firefox 50.1.0

Thanks for your help,

Here’s an unofficial quick answer. Firefox certs are more problematic than Chrome. Use Chrome, navigate to and install the cert as root certificate. You can also install the cert via Chrome’s Advanced Settings.

Did you configure your client/browser to use mitmproxy?
We currently differ from Fiddler in that regard as we do not start capturing traffic on the local machine automatically.

The problem was the browser configuration. Thanks for your fast response :slight_smile:.