Run mitmweb?How run?

Starting up

Now we have mitmweb shipped with our release, if you just want to try mitmweb, follows the step shows in and then you could type “mitmweb” in your terminal, the Web UI will show up with your browser. npm install and gulp is for the developing environment. (but seems we don’t have mitmweb shipped with the windows version now)

谢谢! 我想问的是 开发环境下,怎么单独运行mitmweb 。

先按照这里 配置好开发环境, 然后在web目录下面执行npm install 安装依赖,再运行gulp。
接着. venv/bin/activate 进入python虚拟环境后执行mitmweb命令,如果没有出错,浏览器会被自动唤醒并且跳转到web ui的界面。