Basic guide for using Transparent Mode on Windows

How can I use Transparent Mode on Windows?


Can anyone explain?

I’ve tried to start with

mitmweb --mode transparent --listen-port 1080 --web-port 8080 --showhost

it starts fine but internet traffic is basically blocked until I stop mitmweb again.

I see mentioned a lot in github. Do I need to run that script next to mitmweb?

I just want to capture traffic IN and OUT of my local machine on 80 and 443.


I figured it out by random luck. I forgot to add the --listen-port 1080 to my command line and it started working. pretty obvious when you think about it.

For others. That’s all I did basically, including enabling the portforwading thing mentioned around github on windows transparent proxy issues.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for a great tool mitmproxy guys!