Proxy Authy

Is there a way to use the Apple’s IOS username and password instead of typing it in when they connect to the proxy server? I notice even if I set it in the proxy setting - mitmproxy still ask me for the username and password when I try to connect to a website. If not possible currently - is there away to pull/request that information instead?

I understand you enabled proxy authentication in mitmproxy and you want to do a single sign on with user machine’s credentials. Integrated proxy authentication is only basic. I think you have to write an own script to do single sign on or find some other packages.


I got this to work, but seem strange that the auth is only sent only in a browser and it totally doesn’t work well in chrome it seems always asking for the password.

In chrome it seems 407 isn’t even supported? There has to be a way to make that work.

On iphone - was able to get it to see the login under the proxy settings - but app for example don’t return that information. It seems like it is only supported in browsers or anything that might understand how it works.