Trying to mitmproxy for iphone

everyone works fine.
proxy server and web interface is up and running.

but when i connect my iphone 5s to my laptops address ( i cant connect to the internet at all.

but when i remove the proxy and connect to i get the message “if you can see this traffic is not passing through mitmproxy”.

when i configure windows to these settings image
the proxy can successfully track every move on my laptop.

but when i try to use the proxy for my iphone 5s it wont work.

all im trying to do is trying to sniff for an image which gets sent to an app on my iphone 5s. ive tried hotspot + wireshark but i think mitmproxy is could i do this and fix the problem? thax

EDIT: image


How are you configuring your iPhone? You need to set mitmproxy as a HTTP proxy. Which mitmproxy version are you using? Do you see anything in mitmproxy’s event log?

in my iphone all i do is go to wifi and click manual http proxy and use

my mitmproxy version is mitmproxy-2.0.2-windows-installer.exe

and in the event logs i get this

this is when the proxy is listening to my laptop