Script API doc for release version

I’m using mitmproxy to capture traffic with my own script (officially called addon). But I can’t find the detailed API doc on web docs ( like before (v2 or older version). It is said that I can use command pydoc mitmproxy.http to get the doc. But it can’t work as I’m using the release version I think.
Is there any way to get the detailed script API doc when using release version? Thanks!


Mike’s main thrust stands, IMO. I’m trying to get this up and running, just to filter/log a certain kind of request type. Running the pydoc mitmproxy.http command just yields an error stating no Python documentation found for 'mitmproxy.addons'. This is using the latest mitmproxy available on pypi, as well as the one distributed on homebrew (both on 4.0.4).

The main mitmproxy website advertises a Python API, and the Addons section says to run pydoc. The Addons section also links to some examples on the github site, is that meant to be ‘document by example’, for lack of a better term? If so, where would we find all the class/function options/arguments, and if not, where is the API documented?


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