Using mitmproxy APIs

I have just a question, can i use mitmproxy (the lib) in python, without using mitmproxy to fire it up?
If yes, how? I din’t find much on internet, and i didn’t uderstand much on official api docs.
An example: i wrote a little script with import mitmproxy and some other things with his api and classes;
Can i use it on my own (like: python3.6 ) or I need to use mitmproxy? (like: mitmproxy -s )
Sorry for bad english or anything.

You can use mitmproxy as a library, what exactly you want to do really depends on what you are actually trying to achieve. In general, just running mitmproxy itself will probably be easier. :slight_smile:

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Ok, so it’s possible to use it like in a external tool/script (so starting the server too and similar things) ? withot using directly the binaries (mitmdump,mitmproxy,mitmweb)