Mitmproxy Http2 disabled warning - openssl installed

Hi there,

I’d like to use Mitmproxy on Ubuntu to sniff into HTTP/2 Packets, but when I start Mitmproxy it shows the warning
HTTP/2 disabled . OpenSSL 1.0.2+ required.

The latest Version of OpenSSL and the python module pyOpenSSL have already been installed.

The problem seems to be that Mitmproxy does not find the location of my manually installed OpenSSL1.0.2h.
Where do I need to add a path to tell Mitmproxy to use this version?

Hi @alexw92,

mitmproxy should work even with an older version of OpenSSL - it just won’t have HTTP2 support. On OSX and Windows, we can already ship the latest OpenSSL version with cryptography (the Python module). On Linux, you have to install cryptography as described here:

yes mitmproxy worked already before.
I was just interested in http/2 packets.
Thanks for the cryptography link :slight_smile: