Mitmdump unwanted problem


I have recently updated my Macbook to High Sierra and Now I see the process “mitmdump” in my activity monitor that is receiving all the data from my bandwidth.
When I quit the process I can’t access internet.
I have no idea what this is and how it arrived here.
Thank you for your help

Hi @jojoweb,

Thanks for letting us know and sorry that you’re running into these issues. It looks like someone is embedding mitmproxy into their software and routing all your traffic through it - definitely not how we want our software to be used. We haven’t heard of this before, and we’d be very interested to find out which software on your machine is doing this. Would you mind hopping on our Slack channel ( so that we can help solving this with shorter turnaround times?

If you have gotten to the bottom of this already, I’d appreciate a quick pointer on what software is responsible for this.


Well it was some malware that came with Mackeeper, a software that got installed by itself and put something called “SPI”.
I uninstalled it and the problem stopped.
In the occasion I did a clean install of High Sierra as I wanted to get it all clean

Thanks, @jojoweb. We’re very sorry to hear that mitmproxy is apparently distributed as part of some malware software. Needless to say, we’re completely unaffiliated with these kinds of activities and hope that this abuse of our software will stop.

Thank you for getting in touch and letting us know.