Mitm in Production


Is there any one who used mitmproxy reverse mode in production environment?

If so, how it went ?


Hi @cyberpersons!

What’s your definition of production environment and why do you want to do that?
Mitmproxy is not really a replacement for nginx/Apache if that is your question.

Need to use mitm proxy to catch the traffic in reverse proxy mode.

Because I am writing a custom module, and it need mitm to work in actual production enviroment in reverse proxy mode only.

If not. What areas of mitm need work done to make this possible?

What does “production environment” mean to you?
We are not aware of any known security vulnerabilities or other issues, but generally speaking it’s not architected for that so we won’t recommend it. You’re better off moving your logic into your systems.

At the very least, it’ll be a potential performance bottleneck.

Thank you.

Any recomendation of good reverse proxy with good api and documentation?

Apache, NGINX, maybe Caddy. :slight_smile:

You have experience with any of these?