Http/2 in reverse proxy mode

The client that I want to MITM doesn’t support setting proxies (does support changing the host endpoint address though) and talks HTTP/2 with the server, which is currently h2c (plaintext http/2, not http/2 over TLS http/2). When I try h2c-h2c reverse proxy mode, I see the PRI request and no response (server drops connection). Questions:

  1. Does mitmproxy support reverse proxy mode client<—h2c—>mitmproxy<----h2c---->server?

  2. Does mitmproxy support reverse proxy mode for TLS HTTP/2: client<----h2---->mitmproxy<—h2—>server

  3. Anything like h2c-h2 reverse proxy mode: client<—h2c—>mitmproxy<----h2---->server ?