Is there a way to whitelist urls that shall NOT be ignored?

We’re working on a solution, that will intercept connections to our webapp and will store the data in the database before these are send to final destination.
As for now python works perfectly fine and writes to the db all the desired data and then passes it to desired application.
Problem is that our app is url-based, what means that a lot of traffic is going through mitmproxy and it is inefficient. Ignore with RegExp seem not to work (we tried several approaches, still no luck).
Is there a way to make mitmproxy intercepting only url patterns given in a sort of white list file?
For example:
mydomain/{regular expression}?saveRecord
mydomain/{regular expression}?updateRecord and so on.
None of the login related and navigation related urls (and there is lots of them) should be served by mitmproxy, but ignored instead.
Is it possible?

What exactly is your pain point? Performance? Display of unnecessary flows in the UI? Something else?

We are redirecting whole traffic to our app through mitmproxy, but the pain point is that I would like to take actions against no more than 2% of http requests going through it. As for now normal traffic is killing performance, so my idea is to filter out this 98% and play only with these meeting criterion of URL consisting of “SaveRecord”, “UpdateRecord”, “DeleteRecord”. As for now no luck finding a way to do it,