How to ignore everything but a list of IPs/domains and their subdomains in transparent mode?

The documentation at was not helpful.

I tried combinations of --ignore '(?!<domain or ip>|<domain2 or ip2>)' and --ignore '(?!<domain or ip>)(?!<domain2 or ip2>)', with and without leading ^ but no luck.

How do I ignore everything but a specific list of IPs or (sub)domains in transparent mode? Using v2.0.2

Just to add that ^(?!(.*)?\.?domain1\.com|(.*)?\.?domain2\.com).*$ matches everything but those two domains on using the Python engine, but doesn’t seem to when used in mitmproxy with --ignore '<regex>'

What do you see in your mitmproxy event log?

Lots of clientconnect and clientdisconnect from the proxied device’s IP

If you increase the verbosity a bit, you should see which string the pattern is matched on.

I don’t know how to make sense of it. starting it with --verbose adds -> <ip>:443 for some IPs in the Event Log. What do I get from this, and how do I know if that means it’s a match or not?

This is from the tutorial on - The string displayed here is the string we’re matching on. You can use this as your testcase to see if your pattern is correct.

Is there a way to ignore/disable clientconnect and clientdisconnect log in consolo?