Is it possible to view the original conversation?

From what I can tell, if I use mitmdump to save traffic, client replay sends the client side of the conversation to the server all over again so that I get “fresh” replies from the server.

How can I look at what mitmdump has captured for both sides of the conversation without any replay going on?


It looks like mitmproxy -r does the trick … but is there a way of outputting the whole of the conversation (both sides) as a text decode of the traffic? I.e. something like what mitmproxy does but for the whole conversation in one go?

Hi @pcolmer,

Are you looking for mitmdump -n -dd -r filename?



Almost perfect! Thank you.

The slight drawback in the one test I did is that the output can be marked “(cut off)”. Is there a way to tell mitmdump not to cut off the output? If not, not the end of the world.



  -d, --detail          Increase flow detail display level. Can be passed
                        multiple times.

-ddd should do the job for you. :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Thank you for your patience with a newbie :slight_smile:

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