Capturing data statistics

Hi guys, quick question here. Is there anyway to easily generate statics and graphs based on the dump files you receive from the mitmdump feature? For example capturing the total data passed through the proxy or calculating the total data a device separately receives and sends. I could create my own java application to do so by parsing the dump file but just wanted to check if there are any built or useful tools mitmproxy/mitmdump offers for such requirements.

Many Thanks,

I don’t think that exists yet. It’d be a natural fit to implement a “statistics” mitmproxy addon that takes a bunch of flows and calculates metrics. :slight_smile: Taking it one step further, the output of this could be visualized in mitmweb! :smiley:

Yeah that would be helpful! Ive have for now written a basic program to calculate overall statistics which works but something more concrete would be a valuable addition :slight_smile: