Is it possible to use mitmproxy with Roku?

I have been unable to find any documentation and I was wondering if there is a way to monitor the traffic on Roku with mitmproxy. As far as I can tell Roku does not allow proxies so I’m assuming this would not work but I’m hoping there is a work around. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


You’d need to put a machine in between the roku and the rest of the network, either as a bridge or setup to nat/route the traffic (the specifics of that will depend on what you have available to do it). Then you’d setup a firewall rule to send traffic to mitmproxy like this document talks about

What I suspect however is that you won’t get too much information out as I think the roku does most of the streaming via other protocols that mitmproxy doesn’t support (rtsp, etc). but putting a machine in between might let you capture other traffic via wireshark/tcpdump

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So does that mean I would need to figure out what streaming protocols roku uses and then find a proxy tool that would be able to handle those protocols? Or is this going to be an issue not specific to MITMProxy?