Intercept Roku traffic on Windows

I have a Roku that is connected to a shared internet connection on my windows 10 machine. We installed the cert on the Roku and can load our app. We can see that the roku is making request just fine through the shared connection. Can you provide some docs or help on how we might intercept and view the requests coming from the Roku?

We have this working fine on mac, but need some help with Windows implementation. A small tutorial or examples using the webui would be great. Thank you. Works great on mac by the way! Thanks again.

Can you configure your roku to use a proxy? In that case is what you are looking for.

By shared connection, you mean that you have the Roku plugged into your LAN port and you share the WiFi with the LAN network on Windows (or something along those lines)? We don’t really support topologies where Windows does NAT right now for complicated reasons ( You can have the roku in the same network and configure a custom gateway alternatively, but really the recommended approach is to just configure a proxy on your roku device.