Integration with Dansguardian

I have a special project where I have a 2 legged server (e.g. inside & outside interface). I have traffic steered to the inside interface and I am running mitmproxy as a Transparent Proxy with source spoofing. It is working perfectly and I like being able to see the HTTP requests/responses.

However, for my project, I need to be able to do additional filtering on the HTTP traffic using already available open source tools instead of writing code. I would like to use Dansguardian since it is already built and provides quite a bit of functionality to do this, such as, url filtering, content filtering, and integration with anti-virus (e.g. clam av).

I have tried squid in conjunction with Dansguardian and it will not work for my purposes. I do not need any form of caching and mitmproxy provides nice detail on the request/response.

I have also tried tiny proxy with Dansguardian. It does not provide any information on the request/response.

Is there any way to have mitmproxy chain the traffic to Dansguardian for inspection similar to squid within the server environment?