How to analyze traffic when website blocks proxies?

I use mitmproxy to analyze web traffic in order to write scripts in python requests.

A website which I used to be able to use normal http setup for mitm has since changed and now it won’t work.

When I have mitm running the webpages will disconnect and won’t allow me to login.

When I remove mitmproxy and login without then it logs in again.

I don’t think it is mitmproxy specifically but rather the website has antispam protocols which they recently updated to stop allowing http proxies (my guess).

So how can I gain mitmproxy functionality again?

Is this where transparent proxying comes in? Just browsing the documentation pdf now but I haven’t fiddled around with other settings so far since I haven’t needed to til now.

By the way I have a spare raspberry pi going to waste in my cupboard could it be useful for mitm use? Really want to find a use for it.