How save all request and response to a file?

Hello Guys,

I am new using the mitmproxy, and i am a little confused.
Well I Installed the mitmproxy in my network, after, I installed the android CA inside a android device, everything work fine I can saw the Android Https traffic decrypted at the mitmproxy screen.

The problem is that i have to make a big battery of test and need to export all the flows and save in a file organize whit your time/request/response.

I apreciate very much your help, i am a rookie but i learn fast.

You can export the flows using -w flag
e.g. mimtproxy -w dump

Hi @ujjwal96,

For windows user which is the option to Save the logs?
Because the terminal not response to the flags as does in Linux.

Thanks is advance for your time!