How to export projects to format for non mitmproxy users to view?

I didn’t see a way to export projects to common formats like plain text. How would that be done for sharing with others who have not heard of and/or don’t use mitmproxy?

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You can export individual flows to plaintext from within mitmproxy. Alternatively, you can of course also just run mitmdump -d -n -r capture.mitm > capture.txt. Is that what you are looking for? :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for reply.

The -d arg was not recognised. What was it supposed to do? I couldn’t find that switch in the mitmdump -h. I am using version 3.

usage: mitmproxy [options]
mitmproxy: error: unrecognized arguments: -d

I tried without and it saved just the flow names. I am looking to somehow save all data from selected flows - headers/responses etc. Though maybe I will be ok with just doing it with the individual flows. As I think about it I am not sure how it would work to save all the flows, including their data inside each one, at once? is that faesible or not?

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I’m also puzzled about the -d option - I don’t see it in mitmdump version 4.0.4 either. Ignoring it seems to work.

But I’m thrilled to see that by adding -s, and using mitmproxy/ I can convert a previous dump file to HAR format, which seems to be one of the standard ways to share HTTP traffic:

mitmdump -n -r dump.mitm -s --set hardump=./dump.har

See also First class support for HAR · Issue #1477 · mitmproxy/mitmproxy