Continuesly reading from flow file


I have a python code which uses frida to hook into an android application’s ssl functions and generates a mitmproxy flow file with all the http flows. The code constantly appends the file with new flows as they are received. I am able to open the file with mitmproxy and work with it interactively but mitmproxy only reads the current state of the file and cannot load new flows(without restarting it). Is there some hack I can do to make mitmproxy read new flows from a single file as they are generated?


Hi @pavel-lazar,

I personally use the following hack:
tail -f -c +0 dump.pcap | mitmdump -n -r -


It doesn’t work for me. It gives me No such file or directory.
mitmdump --version:
mitmdump 0.17

Oh, sorry - this is not in 0.17 yet.

Is it in the master or some other branch?

Yes, this is on master and will be part of 0.18. :slight_smile: