Can't import Cert on Windows 10

I installed mitmproxy on win 10. Then i go to and get .p12 file.
When i click it i get the error:

When i try manually import the cert i get:

certutil.exe -importpfx Root mitmproxy-ca-cert.p12
Enter PFX password:
CertUtil: -importPFX command FAILED: 0x8007000d (WIN32: 13 ERROR_INVALID_DATA)
CertUtil: The data is invalid.

How can i install this cert?

Which version of mitmproxy are you running? Can you share your mitmproxy-ca-cert.p12 file that exhibits that behaviour?

After sharing the certificate, you want to delete the .mitmproxy folder in your user’s directory to get a freshly generated CA on the next startup.

The version is

mitmdump 0.18.1

.p12 file i downloaded from is here (can’t upload .p12 directly to this forum).

I deleted .mitmproxy folder and restarted. The new cert is going through installation process correctly.

I think problem was that i had upgrade of windows (from 7 to 10) and probably the cert was generated on win 7.
I forgot that i was installing mitm at win 7 some long time ago.

Any way thanks.