Cannot install mitmproxy certificate on windows 10

In windows cmd, I switched to the folder where the certificate is present and ran this command: certutil.exe -importpfx Root mitmproxy-ca-cert.p12

The output was:
Enter PFX password:
CertUtil: -importPFX command FAILED: 0x80070056 (WIN32: 86 ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORD)
CertUtil: The specified network password is not correct.

I had entered a random string of 1234 as my password and got the above error message. What I am doing wrong and how do I fix this problem ?

Thanks !

I fixed this by using a blank password. But, I don’t know if this could cause problems later.

I am experiencing the same issue, but using a blank password does not fix the problem. Instead certutil complains that this is a self-signed certificate. Any idea how to overcome this?