Where can I get the decrypted query data in mitmproxy?

I want to store the query and protobuf data in a text file, but I could not find where the data is being parsed or decrypted! Is it possible to get this data? Thanks.


Protobufs are decoded here: https://github.com/mitmproxy/mitmproxy/blob/master/mitmproxy/contentviews/protobuf.py


Thank you @mhils,
I’ve an another problem, I’m trying to forward my application traffic from an android to mitmproxy via OpenVPN. I’ve my VPN server and mitmproxy server on the same machine. I’m new to VPN and proxy, can I ask how can I forward my traffic from openVPN to mitmproxy, and also if VPN traffic is encrypted how can mitmproxy decrypt it?

Thank you for your time!