What format at POST Request body -> Query view?

Hi, I try to investigate ios application. I am use web interface for mitmproxy.
Application makes POST request with content body and I want to understand this body format. Mitmproxy understands that format and in “Query” view shows parsed data:
in “hex” format it’s look like:
second image

I want to change some params at request, where I can read about that “query” format to encode for my request?

Okey, this request has POST method but url has GET params and I think this params shows in first image. Second image – this encoded POST data and mitmproxy can’t recognize this data.

But I can’t understand difference between “URL-encoded” and “Query” view modes parameters at request view.

Hi! I didn’t understand your question fully. But Edit form option is for editing multipart/form-data or url-encoded content-types and edit query option is for editing the url parameters.