Upstream proxy: from HTTP to TCP


I need an advice from the best g33ks out there :smiley:

I am using the upstream feature (from the config file) to enable mitmproxy to connect to a remote proxy server.
The problem is, this remote proxy isn’t http, but rather TCP. It’s OpenVpn-based. Think Hide My Ass or Private Tunnel.

Since mitmproxy supports the http (and https) method only, how am I going to forward my traffic to a remote proxy that is TCP-based? I guess I will need to setup some sort of tunnel?

I’m on Docker, so I guess I can pull an image from [SOMETHING] that would sit in between my mitmproxy instance and my remote openvpn proxy.

I was thinking about possibilities here:

Does anyone out there, knows of a method I could use to replace this [SOMETHING] I need? :pensive:


Hi @Tux,

To my understanding there’s no such thing as an “TCP” proxy. You’re probably using either a SOCKS, HTTP or VPN proxy!

Yes I am using a VPN.
The solution was to install Tinyproxy, to sit in between for incoming connections.
And it works!