School project, is this the right program for me?

Hey mitmproxy forums,

this is my first post on this site and I’m not going to lie, I know next to nothing about this program, but I think this program would be of use to me. I’m doing a school project about digital security and how we as a society hold the illusion that our digital interactions are secure. I want to do a live presentation of exploiting this probably using a raspberry Pi as to launch a mitm attack posing as free wifi that, once a user is connected, it either gathers info, manipulates their webpage, or something else that effectively proves my point. It would be done only within a classroom with a volunteer and as a wake up call so legality isn’t an issue where I am. Any help is appreciated, I have some experience with using the rpi but not much with networking or programming.

Also I was looking at this:

post on hackaday as a starting point but would like to use just the onboard wifi of the rpi3 if possible. Thanks for any help,