Proxying to improve web page accessibility?

I’m interested in creating a tool to improve the accessibility of web pages. For example, it might perform HTML rewriting (e.g., to add ARIA support) and adding explanatory dialogs (e.g., page index or table of contents, text summaries, image descriptions).

It appears that mitmproxy could be used as the basis for such a tool. Does this sound plausible? If so, can anyone point me to existing projects that might serve as examples (or better yet, a starting point)?


This makes perfect sense :slight_smile: and it’s a great idea. I’m not aware of similar projects.
You have several good examples in examples/addons.
You’ll need some other modules, dedicated to parsing the HTML code (such beautifulsoup, scrapy, …), to try to make them accessible. This crucial part, will be the difficult one as many web site don’t make them very usable, and end up in a guessing game.