Possible to playback HTTP/2 with upstream cert sniffing disabled (upstream_cert=false)


We’re using mitmproxy to playback recorded sessions.

The live TLS connections to upstream servers were introducing noise into our performance tests so we’re attempting to disable them with the “upstream_cert=false” or “–no-upstream-cert” option (using mitmdump 2.02).

However I noticed that this prevents HTTP/2 playback (http1.1 chosen during alpn).

Is there any way to playback HTTP/2 without connecting to the live upstream servers?


Reading up on how ALPN is implemented (in the TLS handshake), my question becomes,
“Is there any way that I can record the server’s choice of h2 as the protocol in the mitmdump session recording?”


Can anyone confirm whether it’s possible to playback HTTP/2 with upstream cert sniffing disabled?

This would be very helpful for us (offline playback).

If it’s not supported I’d be happy to write up feature request use-case.