Mitmweb - details tab - timing

I am using mitmweb to study response time of origin servers. I am noticing huge time being taken up in SSL. Could you please let me know why is that time shown in (-) minus value. How is it calculated. Here is an image of my timing section.


Please let me know what should I understand from it.


The connection your are looking at was established at 8:43 and SSL/TLS was negotiated immediately. The request you are looking at however was not sent at that time, it was sent after about 13 minutes. One reason for this might be that the connection was previously used for different requests, left open, and then re-used (HTTP keepalive).

Thanks a lot for your almost immediate reply. Appreciate it.

As it was pointed out, keepalive/re-use SSL connection is causing that number in the details page. However, If am not wrong, the “Time” column on the mitmweb UI, shouldn’t it be reflecting the time between request and response?. In fact that is what I am looking for. It would be great help if you could let me know how can I get that either on UI, or by any script way.

Here is another screen shot for your attention:

That looks like a bug - thanks.