MITMProxy on Mac OS El Capitan


I recently got introduced to MITMProxy and experimenting with it on my Mac OS El Capitan. It is more or less working fine but I noticed some issues -

  1. I see this link here with steps on how to run mitmproxy in T-mode. However, it seems that on mac , even if one has to run mitmproxy without T-mode, you still have to follow these steps -

  2. After every 4-5 mins, my mitmproxy stops working and I have to repeat these steps again -

  3. When I try to run mitmproxy in T-mode, even though I followed the above steps, I get this error -
    Transparent mode failure: RuntimeError('Could not resolve original destination

Has anyone noticed/fixed these issues on Mac OS before ?


This is not true - you just need to configure your client to use the proxy.