Mitmproxy on Linux ppc64le?


I play with mitmproxy/mitmdump under Linux x86-64 & I am really enjoyed to play with it, really great tool.
In fact, due to some technical architecture constraints, I will have also to play with mitmdump on Linux ppc64le.

Is it plan to generate mitmdump/proxy releases for Linux ppc64le in the future ?
Who already tried to play with mitmdump/proxy on Linux ppc64le ? Any recommendation before I try on my side ?

Really thx in advance for all coming clarification,
Best regards

Precompiled binaries? Unfortunately no. Cross-compilation as in e.g. Golang is not possible with Python, and the complexity of setting it up outweighs the benefit of it by far. You can try to install and compile from source, MIPS and ARM worked fine for me. The tricky part is probably cryptography, we eleminated most other compiled depdencies with 3.x.