Mitmproxy dosen't see android connections on transparent mode

Firstly I added issue on github, but I think it’s not an issue, but my misconfiguration, so I closed issue and came here.

I try to setup mitmpoxy in transparent mode but mitmproxy dosen’t see any connections.
Regular mode runs well.
Here is full description of problem:

I followed tutorial from here:

EDIT: android version 6.0.1
Downgraded my nexus 5 for android 6.0.1
Mitmproxy in transparent mode works, but now I can’t install certificate from
Error is “Couldn’t install because certificate file couldn’t be read”

I installed certificate manually in android device settings but in mitmproxy transparent mode I have errors “The client may not trust proxy’s certificate”. So I guess certificate isn’t installed well.

Certificate works, problem was certificate pinning.

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