Mitmdump being bypassed in Reverse Proxy mode


I am trying to setup mitmdump as reverseproxy for Facebook(for instance) and all but the first pair of request response connections (when tried to login), bypass the proxy and get handled directly through the domain itself. Could this be due to any 3rd party connections initiated by FB login which ultimately seem to bypass the proxy or could I might be missing on some setup configuration for mitmdump. Would really appreciate some pointers on this. Thanks a lot in advance !

Can you share details on what options are you running mitmproxy with ? And your details of mitmproxy --version too.

Sure. Running mitmdump with a -R flag and analyzing requests through an input pyscript with -s flag.
$> mitmdump -R -p [local_port] -s [pyscript]

mitmdump version: 0.15 (Also tried using with pre built binaries from v3.0.2 but getting same results)


it looks like you are running into the caveat listed at Besides, you should update. :wink:

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