I need to change image on website with mitmproxy

I need the help of you guys !
I got 2 machines (W7 & linux UBUNTU) and I did mitmproxy to them . what I need is to :

  1. change all the ads on specific web to my pictures
  2. make all the websites font color to yellow
  3. see the passwords of the mail on the mitmproxy

I did arpspoof and its working well as well as mitmproxy -T
when I try to enter the response with “raw” method, it doesnt give me all of the code (only 29 lines).


Someone has asked a similar question in the past i noticed:

That may help with regard to your image swap.

Font colour - you would need to figure out where its being set (probably a CSS file), intercept and modify that.

Seeing passwords - depends on the site, but you will likely need to look at using sslstrip in conjunction with mitmproxy.

Hope that points you in the right direction,

I dont know how to get to this point…
I have made it to “html” mode and then “raw”,but there not all of the html code visible- only 29 lines…

and how can I start mitmweb on ubuntu? I got the file but it wont start