Http protocol error

When trying to intercept an ssh connection I get back the following error:

HTTP protocol error in client request: Bad HTTP request line: b’SSH-2.0-libssh2_1.8.0’

We don’t support SSH interception out of the box - I do have a PoC, but it’s not public at the moment. What’s your use case?

Personal use trying to grow my skills and playing with the different things I can intercept between my VM’s. Everything being done is in my own virtual network and my own setup servers.

I encountered Http protocol error in standard Http.

The trafic comes from embedded system which I can not change at the moment.

It is fully accepted in Apache/2.2.14 but after upgrade to Apache/2.4.29 it is rejected.

I thought mitmproxy could provide a workaround but I can not configure it this way.

In mitmproxy --mode transparent I get an error:

HTTP protocol error in client request: Unknown HTTP version: b’HTTP/1.0.9’

I thought using —replacements function I could correct the GET request in a way there will be HTTP/1.1 protocol version indication.

Is it possible to do it in mitmproxy ?

If yes, Can you give me some guidelines?

If it is not possible in mitmproxy any thoughts on workaround? (I am not able to use Apache/2.2.14 anymore)