How to MiTM traffic between Android app and action camera over WiFi?

This might be a very dumb question but I couldn’t find a definite answer.

I have an action camera and I have an Android app on my phone to control it. The camera sets up its own WiFi network to which I have to connect my Android so the app can drive the camera over WiFi.

I want to see how the camera works and I’d like to capture the packets with my computer. Nothing is encrypted between the app and the camera, it’s all HTTP and Telnet (I scanned the ports).

What confuses me is that the WiFi is cut off from the internet. The packets only every go between the app and the camera.

How can I capture the traffic on that WiFi network between the camera and the Android app with mitmproxy? Do I need a transparent proxy or a reverse proxy?

It would look like this:

Android app <---------> MiTM <---------> Camera