Getting requests from a mobile app that only works via VPN?


I want to check the requests of an app of video streaming that only works on mobiles phones within the US. I am not in the US, so I am having a hard time to achieve what I want.

What I have done so far is the following:

  • I configured my notebook (Arch Linux) as an AP (using create_ap) where the internet comes from eth0 and it is shared via wlan0
  • I have installed mitmproxy and downloaded the certs on my android phone
  • I have started the VPN on the android device (using psiphon)
  • I accessed the app on the mobile and start watching the video. It works fine but on mitmproxy console all I get is:

GET google .com/gen_204



I am unsure how to proceed. Any help please?

Maybe I need to start the VPN connection on the notebook and “share” the tun0 device over wlan0 instead of eth0 (if that would be possible)?


Yeah, I would have the VPN on the laptop, changing the location to the appropriate locale. Though since that was 6 days ago, maybe you’ve already done it? Did it work?