Client Replay Failing at a specific point

Hi guys I’ve collected a series of flows of different IOS apps and I’ve noticed something odd. At 245 flows in crashes and produces an Errno 8. This happens for multiple test sets and is repeatable. Could anyone think of a cause?

All of the flows after have this error until it ends. I was thinking it could be a storage or hardware issue but, wanted to check it out here :slight_smile:

Note: It works fine when running it through mitmdump :slight_smile:

Huh - that’s weird. Does that happen with any set of replayed flows, or only with specific flows you captured? Can you provide a flow file that reproduces this?

Hi, so a good old fashioned reboot laptop and reinstall the proxy twice fixed the issue. I don’t have any flows I’m sorry. It was an issue on the proxy rather than the dump. mitmdump worked fine so no outfile. If it happens again, I’ll try and capture it and send you some data :slight_smile: